Cidrerie De La Brique

It is in Normandy, in the heart of the Cotentin, that the cidrerie de la Brique has been perpetuating the tradition of cider since 1953.

At that time, the brick cider house was just one of many cider houses in the Cotentin. Cider is still a popular beverage and can be found at the table of all Norman houses.

The distribution is then very local, concentrated in the cafes of Cherbourg and the Val de Saire. Individuals come to fill their bottles thanks to the many barrels present in the cafes.

In the 1990s, at the instigation of M Dupont, the Cidrerie de la Brique extended its distribution to Normandy.

In the heart of Cotentin, the Cidrerie de la brique produces an artisanal Normand IGP cider, 100% pure juice, unpasteurized, without added sugar, with an authentic and fruity taste. It is naturally gluten free.