Loire Vallee

The Loire Valley vineyard (called “Vallée de la Loire” in french) is a vast area of wine production in France, encompassing several wine regions. These regions produce dry, semi-dry, sweet and even syrupy white wines, most often light red wines and rosé wines; there are also many sparkling wines. All these regions are located on the banks of the Loire and its tributaries, and a part is located in the Loire Valley.  The Loire vineyard covers an area of 70,000 hectares. The production volumes give 4 million hectoliters of which 3 million in. The vineyard is divided into four production regions which are Nantes, Anjou, Touraine and the Centre.  The grape varieties used in the Loire Valley are Cabernet Franc N, Grolleau N, Gamay N, Pineau d’Aunis, Pinot Noir, Côt for red and rosé wines. Chenin blanc, sauvignon, melon, chardonnay, for white wines. 


Réthoré Davy

Moulin Camus


Nicolas Gaudry

Eric Louis Les Celliers De La Pauline

Davault La Chaise

Alban Roblin