First rule : there is no rule. With this is mind, the principle is simple, isn’t it ?




A land full of ideas Their creations are guided by the vineyard. It is like an organic suggestion box : each year, from harvest to harvest, new wishes emerge under their feet. The harvest circuit always varies with the different exposures, the age of the vines, the type of soils… So many factors are involved and sometimes they may hesitate between acidity and ripeness at the time of harvest.

By pressing the grapes plot by plot, the estate starts a treasure hunt always successful.

The experience acquired by our family, at the cost of high discipline followed since 5 generations, made us understand an essential thing: any rule is made to play with it.

The Autréau family likes change because that is how the nature is made. And as for the nature nothing is made overnight, for them neitheir. The estate follows a slow and serene motion not to go faster than its environment.

Over time, they have learned not to be fatalistic and to take things as they comes : everything permanently changes, whether we like it or not.

Why should we resist? It is much better to adapt.