Château Vieux Moulin


Château Vieux Moulin is located on the windy plateau of De Roques, there have been mills there for about 1000 years. This brand has been used by our family for its wines for nearly 100 years. The Sublett family estates, which began in 1822, today represent 75 hectares of fine vineyards on the right bank of the Bordeaux districts of France  


Château Vieux Moulin is a windy plateau with rocky and limestone subsoil with a thin layer of clay. Its altitude of 106 meters above sea level makes it one of the highest vineyards in the Saint Emilion region of Bordeaux.  


Elegant and aromatic, it is produced with the traditional grape varieties of the great wines of Bordeaux from the right bank. With a majority of Merlot, 65%, which brings fruit, suppleness, color and power. Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon 35%, for finesse, bouquet, tannins and structure. The plants are 35 to 40 years old. This wine has always had success in restaurants. This is why it is the only wine in our range with half-bottles (37.5cl) still available for over 50 years. Magnums (1.5l) also available.