Domaine Roche Redonne

Located in the pretty village of La Cadière d’Azur, Château Roche Redonne has been producing wines of fairly regular quality for several years, especially in red. The owners play on the proportion of Mourvèdre, cultivated according to the rules of the art, to produce their different cuvées. It is not surprising that the most convincing wines, with their tasty and spicy richness, are practically made from a single grape variety, such as the superb Bartavelles and Guilhem. The rosés are very typical, intense in color but lack freshness in the definition of the fruit. The white, harvested from a single hectare, is round and firm at the same time, but it needs to gain in depth and precision. 

The Wines: the rosé, spicy, has a fairly ample mouthfeel and a warm touch. The Bartavelles 2003 red develops into leather and cooking juices; the fruit is set back, the mouth is tight but the tannins are dry and drying. Even if the 2005 is completely the opposite in terms of definition, a certain freshness of the fruit gives it gluttony; the palate is half-strength and a vegetal touch finalizes the tasting.