Domaine Saint Hilaire

Our history

This 76-hectare estate has been producing wine since Roman times, but it was Baron Hilaire Reynaud who named it after his patron saint, Saint Hilaire, when he acquired it in 1817. The Baron was a local celebrity who gained illustrious fame as a general and hero of Napoleon’s Grande Armée.

We are a family-run vineyard located in the Languedoc region, close to the Mediterranean Sea. We’re passionate about Saint Hilaire and our wines, but don’t just take our word for it – read what our customers and independent critics have to say about us.

Our wines regularly win French and international awards from prestigious organisations such as Decanter, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Concours National, Jancis Robinson and our premium wines are on the menu of Michelin-starred restaurants and 5* hotels all over Europe.

Vineyards and terroir

Situated on elevated land just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean, the Domaine enjoys a sunny climate, protected from extreme temperatures by its proximity to the sea.

Our 34 hectares of vines, over 35 years old, make the most of the variety of our terroir: the rocky plateau for intense reds and the more fertile valley for lighter whites and rosés.

Our philosophy is to let nature naturally express the qualities of our terroirs and vines, with low yields (around 35 hectolitres per hectare) and essentially organic methods.

The famous winds of southern France, such as the Mistral, the Tramontane and the Marin, help us in our ambition by gently ventilating the vines and keeping disease at bay, thus reducing the need for treatments.

The combination of hand-picking and cutting-edge technology means we can deliver our precious grapes to the winery in perfect condition.

The cellar

Our head winemaker Vincent has been producing wines at Saint-Hilaire for 25 years and manages the cellar with fanatical attention to detail.

Cooling and storage in specially dedicated vats, as well as micro-oxygenation and precise control of fermentation temperature, allow our wines to retain maximum freshness and fruit aromas.

Only the finest French oak barrels are used to age our wines, with a combination of new, one-year-old and two-year-old barrels, to give perfect balance and prevent them from overpowering the taste of the wine.

All our wines are bottled on the estate, which gives us maximum control over quality. Most of our wines are closed with corks, but depending on our customers’ requirements, we can use screw caps, usually the very stylish Stelvin Lux.