Tour Boisée

A family estate since 1826, La Tour Boisée led by Jean-Louis Poudou from 1982 is now entrusted to the Guilhem family from Montauban. For both families, the link to the land prevails and guides the choices.

The domain, located 20 kilometers east of Carcassonne, today consists of 80 hectares of vineyards and a thousand olive trees, a culture relaunched in 1990. From the start, the family never stopped, after taking care to preserve the old vineyards in the most beautiful soils, to refine their grape varieties. The result today is a full range drawn from the plot. No monitoring of regional planting plans, we do not fall in line! They are both regional and open to the world. For the pleasure of exchanging!

Organic agriculture has been practiced for ten years, an opened-minded approach were some biodynamic methods are also involved; like trimming, and other works in the vineyards, according to the rhythms of the moon. Each plot benefits from an individual care, for each has got its unique soil, alitutide, sun exposure and grape-variety (ies).