Xavier Vignon

Since 2016 Xavier Vignon has traveled the world and devotes himself full time to the creation of wines. Xavier Vignon could have made a career in the region of the Australian Pyrenees. He was offered a position but he misses “the nostalgia for the land, for history, for life and… for cheese”! He gives himself 6 months before signing his contract to complete his Tour de France. The Rhône Valley was missing… Have a good pick!

In 1996, Xavier Vignon started his activity as a consultant oenologist, in charge of around thirty private cellars, within a consulting laboratory in Vaucluse. It was there that he fell in love with the Dentelles de Montmirail.

From tradition, from the terroir, iconoclastic, he chisels his blends to create different wines that all have their own personality. A little crazy or visionary, Xavier Vignon likes to compare himself to a conductor. The key to his creations are harmonized: scientific capital, great experience, trust in others, total involvement, the exchange of know-how and shared pleasure while
“keeping our feet on the ground with a company to human dimension! ”