Massif Central

The Massif Central wine region is an ancient mountain range containing the French volcanoes (now extinct). This region is quite vast with its 85 000 km². It is located in 22 departments.

From a climatic point of view, this region is considered semi-continental. But the play of reliefs will bring more or less differences, by channelling winds and rains on certain areas or by sparing others.

The most representative wines of this region are : Côtes d’Auvergne, Côtes Roannaise, Côtes du Forez and Saint-Pourçain. These four regions have obtained the A.O.C (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) certification.

The soils of these vineyards are magnificently adapted to the malbec grape variety, especially in Cahors, where the best malbecs in France are produced.

The wines of the Massif Central are mainly tannin-oriented with a good structure.


Clos La Coutale, Cahors, Philippe Bernede