Côtes du Roussillon is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée for wines made in the Roussillon wine region of France. It is the least selective AOC in the Roussillon region. In 2002, 21,048,500 litres of Côtes du Roussillon were produced, 68% red, 28% rosé and 4% white.Grenache is the dominant variety in Red and Rosé. According to the AOC rules, however, red wines must be made with at least three varieties of grapes. The total of the two main variety grapes should not make more than 90% of the blend, and there must not be more than 60% of Carignan in it. Côtes du Roussillon are made with the traditional variety grapes of the Roussillon, that is Grenache noir, Grenache blanc, Carignan, Lladoner Pelut, Cinsault, Macabeu and Malvoisie and with some new to the region variety grapes: Syrah, Mourvèdre, Roussanne, Marsanne (all from Côte du Rhone) and Vermentino (from Italy).


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