Domaine Gautheron

Domaine Gautheron has been a Family Estate for more than 7 generations.It is located in FLEYS, a small wine-growing village 4 km from Chablis.You can find the winemaker Cyril Gautheron with his team in the vines, the winery but also offering you a tasting and sale.
The range of wines from Domaine Gautheron extends from Bourgogne Blanc, Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Crus to Chablis Grands Crus. It is from this unique terroir, the Kimmeridgien, that the wines of Chablis draw their typicity and where the 28 hectares of vines of the family estate are found. Gautheron’s philosophy, let the Terroir express itself and preserve it … The vineyard is led in a strong environmental reflection. Domaine Gautheron is certified “HVE” High Environmental Value level 3 (the highest level).Respect for the vines gives wines in which the Terroir is expressed. Gautheron’s Chablis combine: freshness, minerality, complexity, elegance, finesse and know how to accompany you from aperitif to gourmet meals.