CUVAISON ESTATE WINES, Carneros, Napa Valley

Under the leadership of recently appointed president, Dan Zepponi, and winemaker, Steve Rogstad, Cuvaison Estate Wines goes from strength to strength. They have recently changed their name to emphasize the fact that all of their fruit is estate grown in their superbly sited vineyard in Carneros. They have also completed a new, state-of-the-art winery in the middle of their vines. The resulting wines are better than ever and we are extremely fortunate to represent such a wonderful property.

Cuvaison has around 280 acres under vine in the cool Carneros region just south of Napa. Following phylloxera, they began replanting their vineyards in the early 1990s with the finest Burgundian clones and rootstocks, closer spacing and better training and orientation of the vines, all of which demonstrate a huge commitment to quality.

The work involved has been enormous and expensive but the resulting wines have reached new heights. Cuvaison Estate Wines is also extremely committed to protecting the environment and is certified as such by a number of independent, local, ecological bodies.