Brasserie La Choulette

In the old days, in the hamlet of Le Coq, near Condé-sur-Escaut, there was a carter or wheelwright called Roger. He was a good companion, hard at pleasure as well as at work, and as skilful at removing a chole with a stick as he was at assembling a cart wheel…

This is the beginning of the Grand choleur and the cholette (pronounced Choulette). Now a tasting beer, La Choulette is the daughter of the beers that flowed freely in Tales of a Beer Drinker or King Gambrinus.

Indeed, what could be more natural than to use this ancestral name taken from the game of choulette to designate a beer brewed in the purest tradition of the Hainaut brewers. A beer made in a farm brewery that started its activity in 1885.