BOURGOIN COGNAC is a handcrafted vigneron cognac. The family estate is located in the village of Tarsac, in the municipality of Saint Saturnin, Charente (France). Our cognacs are sincere and authentic. No long speeches, the truth is inside the bottle. You will find the emotion of a great cognac. Receive this punch like a gift. Glare or light stupor, our micro barrique xo cognac aromatic range will not leave you unscathed.

Stemming from our vineyard, where the Greenwich meridian cross the 45th north parallele, BOURGOIN COGNAC is primarily the work of a complex symbiosis between four kingdoms: human, mineral, vegetable and animal. Thank these men and women who work every day of the year with passion, in sometimes harsh climatic conditions, to offer you the quintessence of our terroir: Muguette, Maëlys, Rebecca, Nathalie, Alain, Frédéric, Jean-Paul, Stéphane, Jean Christophe, Romain, Victor, Mathieu.

The word revolution doesn’t mean the appearing of something new. It enhance the idea to be back on. As the earth ended its revolution turning around the sun. Revolution is back to what it is pure, old and fondamental. It is a true travel to restaure prime principles. It means restore what should in the origin.


We are producing 100% Uni Blanc grape for all our Pineau, Eau de vie and Cognac


Aperitif wine


White Spirits