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Domaine Porte Rouge

Domaine Porte Rouge is one of the new estates in the southern Rhône valley. In fact, it only dates back to 2001, when Bernard Friedmann…


Domaine de la Cadenette

Between Nîmes and the Camargue, the vines of the La Cadenette estate are grouped around the farmhouse on approximately 60 hectares of pebble soil brought…

Domaine Des Coccinelles

Domaine Des Coccinelles

The ladybug, symbol of organic farming, represents the antithesis of the use of insecticides which destabilize the ecological balance by killing insects indiscriminately. Currently, 20…

Domaine de la Ganse

Domaine de la Ganse

The estate therefore today consists of nearly 9 hectares 10 ares of vines including 8 hectares 56 ares in the Vacqueyras appellation: 1.60 hectares of…


Château de Marjolet

  Blanc/White Château de Marjolet Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2017 Rouge/Red Château de Marjolet Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2017